How people found out...?

J • J-15-queer-non-binary (she,he,they)

So, recently I realized I was pansexual and well Im finally happy to have figured out who I am a couple days ago I posted on <a href="">eve</a> explaining how I figured out how I was pansexual well my twin sister saw the post she didn't tell me she found it fast forward to middle the night I'm talking to both of my sisters then we ended up talking about secret when I said I had a secret and I only told my closest friend and online people then I said they could guess what it was but they were going to get it wrong btw I don't know that my twin knew she then told me that she knows what it is we then kept going back and forth on who was right and then I told her to say it and she said "jade is pansexual well she thought she was bisexual but really she was pansexual" I then was like how did you know she like I saw on <a href="">eve</a> I was like wow I'm dumb we then all came out to each other-🐝