First time TTC


Long Post Warning! Hoping you guys can help me out. This is our first time ever TTC. We have been having sex at least every other day during my fertile window. And will continue to do so until time for AF. I’m not trusting the apps prediction 100% because I haven’t been using it that long and up until this month I had my settings as “preventing pregnancy.”

I switched to a progestin (sp?) only pill aka mini pill at the beginning of the year. I stopped it completely a few weeks ago. Has anyone had experience with TTC coming off a mini pill? How long did it take to regulate? How long to get pregnant?

Glow says today is my ovulation day but a few days ago (Saturday) I noticed light pink discharge. This has NEVER happened to me before. I’ve been off and on birth control for the last 7 years. I’m wondering if there’s any chance it was implantation? I’m also having slight come and go cramping-yesterday and today.

Glow says my next period is due April 1. But it has said AF is due on the first the last two months but it hasn’t actually shown up until the 4/5th. I’m thinking about testing on April 2. Or should I just wait until after the 5th based on the past two months?