A piece of shit mom

So my 10 month old had an explosion, I’m talking all over his legs, the couch, his hands, and me. So a bath was necessary. Well he has one of those little chairs that go in tubs (I’ll add a picture) well my son will play in the bath forever so I was just sitting on the floor next to the tub not paying any attention (stupid I know) he was playing with his toys and he sit up to reach for one and his little chair scooted out from under him and he tipped out hit his head (just barely) on the tub and he went under.. just enough to get some of his hair wet. Well of course he was screaming and I was crying. I sat in the floor holding my wet and scared baby feeling like the absolute worst mother in the world. I don’t even deserve him. 😭

His little chair.

Him afterwards.

I’m still shook up. 😔