Cheating husband 2x

Okay ladies. I know the answer is to leave before I start. But I’m gonna ask this anyway. Okay. So i found out that my husband was cheating on me 2 yrs ago. I went through his phone and took pics so he could not lie out of it. I stayed because we had a baby at the time and we had counseling. He convinced me that he changed. Now I am noticing the same behavior. I believe he has started back. I am trying to unlock his phone but it’s heavily coded. My best way is by his finger but I’ve been trying to get him in the best sleeping position without waking him up. Now this man is a man that will lie until you have proof and want you to believe his word but I feel it in my gut. One night he said he was hanging with his brother and the next day when his brother was over, I asked him how did they night go. He was like huh? But then played along with me. I’m like yes. He cheating. How do I get this man to be tell me he is cheating on me because I have tried threatening to leave but that didn’t work either. When I showed him the messages last time. He confessed and couldn’t lie out of it. But this time, He acted like why I had to show me his phone and walked out very defensive. Or should I just go and accept that he is not gonna tell me?