Physical abuse?

If someone gets physical with their spouse once, leaving bruises on arms, says they are sorry and it wasn’t like them to do that and it was their first time getting physical.

(He was also intoxicated.) married almost 1 year been together 2. Never has gotten physical until Friday... will it continue now that it’s happened? Or can it be a one time huge mistake and never happened again? He cried when he realized the bruises the next morning.. need advice on if I should continue to believe it’ll never happen again and try to work through this or leave before it happens again and gets worse....

The fight happened cause I asked him to get up with our 7w old one day through the weekend so I can catch up on some rest. He said never to ask him again, and that I was lazy cause I had no job etc etc. then it escalated verbally then got physical twice within 10 minutes.