Port Wine Stain!!! Prepare yourself !!!

Charlotte β€’ Wife. First Time Mommy ❀️

When I gave birth my baby opened her eyes and I feel In love 😍 I had this feeling of pure bliss and my maternal instincts kicked in where I never want to let her go and all’s I want is to protect her 😘

During the very quick labour her heart rate went down and she needed assistance to be brought into this world and thankfully to all the staff at the hospital she was born and she was BEAUTIFUL 😍😍😍

Over the next few days she started to get a read patch under her left eye on her cheek.

I was told it was probably just abit of bruising from when she came out.

Then within a few weeks the mark got worse and midwives and health visitors didn’t know what it was so we went the doctor.

She’s sending her to a dermatologist to confirm but says it’s a port wine stain 🍷

Over the past week it has become more prominent and red and a few people have commented on it which upset me 😒

But today she smiled at me for the first proper time and no matter what people say or think it only matters what I think πŸ’­

And I think my baby is the most beautiful and cheeky baby. And I cant help but feel blessed that god has given me such a lovely and amazing baby such as her. 😍😍

My little Angle

Everleigh Rae 🌹😍