Newborn and visitations with ex

So my ex and I have been separated for 4 months. I am 6 months pregnant with his child. When the child is born I will be civil when it comes to them other than that I will not want anything to do with him. We separated after I found out he had been cheating on me and also very immature as well. (Hasn’t held a job for over a year in the 4yrs I’ve been with him, telling me that he has the right to “do what he wants with this baby because it’s his first” and “I already have another child of my own”) and just a lot of other immature issues since I’ve kicked him out.

I just want to know how I go about visitations for him after the baby is born. I don’t feel comfortable having him come to my house due to the way he is but he also lives on the other side of town. Dose he have the right to see the baby right away like when I get home from the hospital?

I do want to try breast feeding as well. I am new to all of this and like I mentioned I will not keep my baby from him i just don’t want to feel overwhelmed right after I get home if he starts bugging to see her.

Is there like another place we could meet up so he can see the baby? Does he have to see the baby like right away or can I tell him to give us a few weeks so we can get rested up a little? Any advice anyone has is greatly appreciated!

Oh and I am in the state of Texas.