Had a D&C 5 weeks ago but I think I’m pregnant again.

Shaina • My husband and I are trying to conceive our third child.

February 12th I had a D&C; for what doctors believed was a molar pregnancy since my hcg levels were 98,000 at 6 weeks.

They scheduled me a D&C; at 7 weeks and after 2.5 weeks of having test done my pathology report confirmed I was pregnant with twins and miscarried. I didn’t experience a molar pregnancy.

Unfortunately I still have weekly blood work. As of February 21st my hcg was 435. I haven’t had any other blood work since because I been out of town for spring break.

However I do take regular pregnancy tests and every week it has been getting fainter. Today I took a first response and it wasn’t as faint.

My husband and I have been BD a week after my D&C; and so on. I haven’t had a period yet either and I spot brown blood which I was told is old blood.

I’m going to go tomorrow for blood work to see what my levels are.

Just wondering had anyone gotten pregnant right after a D&C; without having a cycle????

Also I have two healthy babies. Never had a miscarriage or had issue conceiving this was just one of those things that happen.