If I hear someone say to me “just stop trying or thinking about conception and it will happen” one more time I might actually explode!!!💣💥 I’m a pretty laid back person but I am so over hearing this! 😓 I’ve been thru so many phases of ttc- I’ve given time to “not think about it” and try naturally, I’ve actually tried and tracked ovulation, and now being diagnosed with PCOS breaking down& taking meds that make me feel terrible to help my chances. I even went thru a phase of being so hurt that I didn’t even care anymore to be pregnant and settled with the idea of being a dog mom. (Didn’t last long lol) It’s been two years. Two years. 🙄 Everyone around me is having babies and while I am SO happy for their happiness and blessings I can’t help to just feel over it. Their announcements and others comments about “not trying” are annoying at this point. The up side-My husband is so supportive I’m just lucky to have him thru it all.❤️

Ok I feel better. Rant over. 😂