Am I being dramatic?


So my boyfriend and I just had a huge fight, we’ve been together for 7 months and dates previously for 7 months before, it started when I came over, when I got there his first question was “so are you just going to go inside and watch tv?” He’s working in the yard outside with his brother, I’m not sure what to do so I just go in and after an hour of sitting in his room by myself, I’m frustrated because he messaged me saying he wasn’t doing anything and wanted to hang out but he’s obviously busy so I go to leave but he asks me to stay, so of course I stay. Then right afterwards we go to the store so he can pick up a few things..he’s still planning on working outside. I hold his hand and he pulls away. I try a few more times but he continues to pull away and walks away completely a few times, his brother is with us so I try to not let it bother me so much and just start talking to him about nothing special but I’m trying not to let anything get to me. We go to another store and more or less of the same continues. I try to joke around a little but he just looks at me and walks away. His brother asks if we can get a key made for me to make things easier cause I’m there ever night and morning, he rolls his eye and says “I’ll get her a key eventually” I’m getting frustrated cause (mostly due to his tone and what he’s saying) I’m kinda feeling crapped on. He’s hungry.. so he turns to me and asks am I gunna go with or stay at his house...that doesn’t help. I refuse to eat anything but sit quietly while him and his brother eat, we get back at the house and I sit down and say I’m gunna go home..which is not usual but I thought necessary since I don’t feel like he wants me there anyways. So I say “maybe we need a brake from each other I’m just gunna go home for tonight” he starts yelling loudly that I can’t just walk away if we were married so he doesn’t understand why that makes sense to do now. Anyways the whole time he’s laying down with his back turned to me saying how I never talk about things and how he is always stuck trying to make things work. Anyways the argument ends when he says if I leave then we might as well call it quits cause its not gonna end well anyways. He said he was in a bad mood to start but he was honestly frustrated with me that I was too affectionate towards him and he doesn’t like that I kiss or touch him we see each other. I’m not hanging on him besides me trying to hold his hand a few times and I kissed him once between both stores. I end up staying but now I don’t know what to do.

Idk if I’m being dramatic or if I should have done more, any advice is helpful.