Not sure when to test..


I am now 21 DPO and 3 days late on my period. Husband and I had sex while I was ovulating twice. Had sex a couple of days ago (Friday) and I had a little bleeding afterwards. That is usually normal for me, especially if I am about to start my cycle. Cycle waas due Sunday, nothing. Monday, nothing again, not even a hint of blood on the tissue when I wipe. My cycle has been spot on for the last 6 months now, as I have been tracking it and my ovulation days on here. When my period didn't start on Sunday, I had this glimmer of hope of pregnancy start to form and now it's all I can think about! I'm super scared to test in fear it will be negative. Wondering if I should give it a few more days or should I just bite the bullet and test already!? Grr.