I think I’ve gotten myself into some semi-deep shit

There was a string of robberies in my neighborhood Saturday night and one of the things they stole was my sister’s bike. The police came to the neighborhood and asked every house what had been stolen and we filed a police report.

So tonight on my way home from work, I was nearing my neighborhood and I saw these 2 guys with a bike that kind of looked like hers. I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be wild if it was my sister’s bike?” I shrugged and kept driving. Then I had the strange feeling to turn around and drive by for a closer look. I drove by slow and just glanced at the bike as I made the turn. I don’t know if they saw me looking at it or not. It indeed was hers. I kept driving though because I didn’t want to start anything when I was by myself. I went home and immediately told my family and they called the police.

So I was on the phone with my bf and out of nowhere I see the biggest flash outside and the longest rumble of thunder ever. Then it started pouring rain. I joked and said “well I guess those bastards aren’t walking around stealing in this weather.”

An hour passes and I’m standing in the kitchen eating a snack, still on the phone with bae. It was 2 am. Out of nowhere I hear a loud knock on the side door. I was paralyzed with fear and immediately ran to my parents room and told them. As I was telling them, I also heard a knock on the front door. My parents went to the door

To see what was happening and my bf told me to get in my room and lock the door. My mom said it was a girl that looked like she was on something and said “my homegirl was at your door just a minute ago.” And some other things I couldn’t hear. My mom said there was a white car going up and down the street really slowly. We called the police and they came and searched the yard and asked us what all happened.

My boyfriend said “what are the odds that happens the same night you drove by the boys who stole the bike???” My guess is that when they came the first time, they saw my car and remembered it again as soon as I drove past them. So they sent their girlfriends to come and terrorize us at 2 in the fucking morning. I feel like I’m in some deep shit and I’m really shook up now. I’m scared I’m gonna wake up to my car windows busted out.