Paragard and MAYBE pregnant?


I was supposed to have a visit from Manson (as in Charles Manson because of the massacre he causes in my uterus lol) last week and just like that NOTHING! I figured ok, Charles normally calls or send a message that he’s running a few days late but as of Friday I started getting light bleeding like light pink and some times a light red. I’m sorry but am I that 1 of 4 that get pregnant on Paragard? I’m on my second year using it and I’ve never had this problem before.

Current symptoms:

-food cravings

-slight nausea

-minor cramping

-spotting but nothing that covers a liner or a pad just when I wipe I see it

-my boobs hurt a little


Ugh not the best time for me to get pregnant since I just got accepted into LVN school but I would obviously embrace a new baby. But for my IUD moms who’ve been here should I test? I had planned on giving him til the end of the month but I’m starting to think I have baby #2 in my belly and I’m in denial lol TIA