Don’t ask for advice

Don’t ask for advice while TTC and get mad with the answers! Then you go and delete half the comments just because they are getting upvoted because EVERYONE AGREES! I posted some pretty informational stuff and I got back on the post to see my comments are deleted and a bunch of new women typing “following” WHAT IF SOMEONE ELSE NEEDED THAT INFORMATION!? It’s not my problem you don’t want to hear the answers that you asked for from the community you choose to ask! Are you friggin kidding me.

I get that the truth hurts, but I do wish the best for all of you to all have babies, I actually do even when I’m commenting useful information to try and help. I’m sorry if it comes off as rude. It’s not suppose to be. But sometimes you need a grounded person and what I was saying could have been SO much worse if I was trying to be mean about it.

I’m just really tired of this site frequenters throwing out bullying accusations when the community just wants to help and support you even if the news is bad.

I’m gonna take a break from helping anyone on here ✌️