Mood swings...... BAD!!

Desiree • mom of teenage girls, Rainbow baby boy born 5*25*18!

I'm 29w2d and noticed the mood swings are back in full force. I have 3 teenage/preteen daughters (13, 13 and 11) so MAYBE with all the PMS going around in this house it's making it worse, but then I have a husband that annoys the crap out of Me! 😐 The worse part, I can feel myself getting mad, angry, just plain pissed off and I tell them they need to stop.... do they? NOPE. Then there's the other end of the stick where I'm so happy, I'm going through baby clothes and trying to organize, and then there's the "it's a never ending battle why am I even trying".... seriously ladies... these mood swings are horrible. I've tried yoga... ended up having a panic attack cause I couldn't breathe!! Lol Any other ladies in the same boat? I'm just ready for this little boy to be here!!!