Boyfriend’s job choice... not sure how to respond.

AK • 19

So he’s not really my boyfriend but we meet 4 years ago and then he moved away and now we’ve been texting for 4 years. We’ve been virtually “together” at times, but at the moment we’re just friends but I know that we’re both on the same page with like, “if we can find a way to live close or with each other then we’d be together.” But yeah we both don’t want long distance.

So we have everything in common. Agree on almost everything, occasionally bicker, tease each other and have the basis of friendship: so it’s literally the ideal situation for a relationship with him (excluding distance).

The only issue is his job choice.

He wants to be a pro gamer.

I think it’s so dumb, and he knows I think it’s dumb. Like honestly it’s not a stable job that has a steady income. And if you want to actually be a pro gamer and probably earn something out of it then you have to be “the BEST OF THE BEST” and literally there are so many gamers out there it’s unlikely he’ll ever be the best..

I’ve tried slapping sense into him.

I’ve tried talking through it with him.

I’ve tried logic. I’ve tried reason.

He just won’t listen to me.

What do I do???