5 days late!


Ahhh help! Im 5 days late, I've brought a test but I'm too scared to do it because I just no it'll be a BFN. My periods have always been irregular and I'm going through seeing consultants for endometriosis.... but in the last 2 days I've been getting really bad period pains , to the point it woke me up last night and I had to go and check and each time nothing, bad back pains, leg pains and I'm feeling so sick and have no energy...... is this just endo pain and no period this month or pregnant?? I'm forever hoping it's a bfp but something just tells me it isn't. I've not felt like this before with the pains, this is all different to the pains I've been going to the doctors about...... so has any one else experienced it? And any advice!!??