First postpartum appointment

Cora • Mom of three💖💖💙 | Licensed Hairdresser🖤

I have my first postpartum appointment today and I’m honestly not looking forward to it. I’m already being treated for PPD, which happened before I even left the hospital. Meds were the smartest options for me. And I know I need to be 100% honest with my OB about how I’m feeling. I’m 2 Weeks PP and I feel worse. It’s becoming a silent problem. I’m not crying but instead I’m just staying quiet and I want to seclude myself. But I have a baby who I can’t just leave alone 😭 I just want to be left alone and that’s so unhealthy because I don’t want to eat or do anything. I don’t want to do counseling because I’ve done it before and I didn’t find it helpful. 😩😭