is it weird to try on your mom's corset?

sooo I was looking for the battery charger for my mom's camera because she asked me if I could find it while she was at work today. I ended up finding some old lingerie from when my mom was younger and skinnier. it doesn't fit her now at all. hasn't for probably 20 years, but she still keeps it in a drawer in her room. anywho. I tried a corset on. the rest of them had crotches to them and I wasn't about to put that on because ew, but we've worn the same bras before so I tried on the corset since it is just a top. I really want to ask her if I can have it for the renaissance faire this summer because it's a beautiful green with pretty lace. I feel like if I ask she's going to feel awkward about it. but then I started it weird that I tried on the corset?