horror sex story

a guy i have been having sex with picked me up after work to hangout. so we get to his house and he asked if i wanted to smoke a backwoods so i was like sure and he asked if i could give him head at the same time so he could "see if he could roll and get head at the same time" (i know guys are ridiculous) but i did it anyway because why the hell not, right?

its been known that i cant deepthroat UNLESS im high, at the time i wasnt. -you probably already see where this story is *head*ing- nonetheless, i start giving him head its fine you know im doing good. i went down a little farther, gagged a lil bit, no biggy. then i got a lil ballsy-no pun intended- and decided to deepthroat for a hot minute. i gag and suddenly felt something warm all in my mouth but it didnt taste good at all. you guessed it :) i threw up while deepthroating this mans and instead of doing anything about it or saying anything i just swallowed and kept going. im really not sure if he even knows it happened. i kinda feel like a trooper though, props to me.