People don't get it

Jenna • 👼08/3/17 👼12/1/17 🌈🌈👶 Grace Nora 2/7/19

I've seen a million posts like this but I need to vent... Everyday at work (I am a teacher) someone reminds me of babies they are having or friends/relatives are having. These people also know about the two miscarriages I have had this past year. This one woman shows me pictures on Facebook of a mutual family friend who recently had a baby. It is especially hard seeing her baby because we were due one fay apart. Then today someone came in and told me about how their relative who had a miscarriage earlier in the year just announced their pregnancy. While I am so happy for them, I feel like people are disrespecting me by shoving that in my face. She just randomly showed up at my door and told me the story of how they announced. Ugh... I don't want to be rude but sometimes I just want to say, "Why the hell would you remind someone that is struggling with pregnancy about all these

women that are having successful pregnancies?" People just don't get it.