One wipe of blood??

Yesterday morning I went to use the restroom. When I was done, I wiped and there was dark red blood. I wiped again and it was really light pink. Put a pad on and then the rest of the day it was really really light brown spotting. I went into the doctors and the doctor was kinda annoying. When she walked in she said... you look nervous... umm ya I was pregnant last year with twins, went into preterm labor and eventually lost both babies. I thought that was a rude comment.

She did an ultrasound and said she should see a sac (5w3d) but kinda saw something but not fully a sac. She said I’m either earlier then I thought, miscarrying, or ectopic pregnancy.... had me do blood work and need to go back tomorrow but I am so nervous. Has anyone has this experience? What was the outcome?