Marital Advice


I had a three year old from a previous relationship when I met my husband. My sons biological father wasn’t a good guy and was hardly there, so my husband adopted my son. My son is 6, and today he mentioned something about remembering a guy we went to the park with when he was smaller...he was talking about the few times we met his biological dad at the park. He referred to him as his “best friend”. Even though it’s been over two years since he’s seen him, and before that he hasn’t seen him for over a year. My husband got so mad! He said he doesn’t even know why he tries with him, my son, since his biological dad isn’t even in his life and he refers to him as his “best friend” and he hasn’t done anything for him in years. I was very upset that he would say that...about not knowing why he tries. Well maybe because you adopted him! And he’s your son now! And then when I attempted to talk to him about it, and encourage him that it’s only because we have to discipline him, and all our son remembers about his biological dad was that he was a “fun guy”...he completely ignores me and won’t even kiss me or talk to me. He’s punishing ME. I didn’t even do anything! I said to him, you knew I had a son with someone else when you decided to marry me..& all I got in response was, “oh yeah, I know.” In a rude voice. This isn’t the first time he’s talked like this. He told me a few weeks ago I came into this marriage with a lot of “baggage” and he came into it with none. I’m at my wits end...I don’t know what to do! He makes me feel so insecure and like he’s so much better then me. Everyday I feel like my self esteem is getting less and less. And I’ve tried talking to him about it and he just defends everything he does. He ALWAYS has a reason or excuse for what he says. I need some advice!