Hoping for a miracle❤


So me and my husband has been TTC for almost 5yrs now, and I just started using this app in hopes of tracking my ovulation window better than just guessing at it lol We both would love a little bundle of joy (or two, or three😁). I have been diagnosed with PID twice in the last 2yrs and hospitalised once for it as well as 5 to 6 dime sized cysts on my ovaries. My husband was on some intense steroids for almost 12 yrs when he was younger because his lungs didn't develop as they should have , so he is worried about infertility on his part while I worry about all the scar tissue and cysts making me infertile. I'm praying that this is the year we finally get to welcome baby (or babies) G❤ Please send prayers good vibes our way as we try to make this our year😊