What do I do??

So I was going up to visit my long distance bf for the weekend. He has a date party one night and the other night we were just gonna go into the city. The date party was 2 hours away and we were gonna drink and stay at the hotel. The whole reason I was going up was to be his date!! Well now today he goes let’s just do our own thing since I missed the date to get hotel room. Like I shocked the past few days I have been running around looking for a drsss and shoes for this! I honestly dont get why he said he can’t get a room since 1. Even if he can’t get the special rate for the event they have other rooms and still it’s a city we can stay at a different hotel. I kinda blew it off before but honestly think that either one of his friends said something about me or that he doesn’t want me to go for some reason... but idk why. He still wants me to come up and go out to this restaurant in a different city tho. What do y’all think??? Like not even 24 hours ago he was all excited to show me off to his friends what happened!? I casually asked and he just was like idk if I can get a hotel room since I had to book but I don’t believe him and don’t know them hotel name!!