A Flow Post in the Glow Post

Alyssa • Mama to 1 year old b/g twins after IVF 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💉❄️ Retrieval- Oct 2018, ovaries stuck to intestines Transfer #1, December 2018- 👼🏻 chemical Transfer #2, February 2019- pregnant with b/g twins Incompetent Cervix ——> Premature Birth ——> NICU Momma

Can’t post this anywhere else because they just won’t get it like you do, but if everyone could please send good vibes, do a dance, pray or whatever you believe in that my cycle starts tomorrow, I would appreciate it! I am supposed to be starting my first round of Femara and I was really hoping to get this show on the road so that I might have a Christmas baby or ya know, an any time baby. I’m feeling like aunt flow will be a no show and I’ll have to take provera again to bring it on and I just think it’s so cruel that the one time I’m actually ready for a period Mother Nature is like “sikeeee, let’s reverse psychology this bitch and save shark week for when she’s not expecting it”