when do you seek a specialist?


Dh and I were discussing when we should see a specialist. I had bariatric surgery in June 2016, this was because I was told I wouldn't be able to carry a baby to term. we had never tried at that point. I was cleared by the surgeon at 8 months post op. we wanted to wait at least one year. I went off of bc last March. We didn't try until June 2017. my thyroid levels were off at that point. I started using opks and bd at least 4 times out of the fertile week and always made sure we did on peak day. we stopped trying once we found out my thyroid was off so we took a break between August 2018 and December 2018 just had fun enjoying each other. In January I felt like it was getting back on track so we bought opks and started trying in February we found out my thyroid was in normal range for the first time in 3 years! My husband is down and worried we aren't getting pregnant because of him and wants to know when we should go get help. I'm worried that me being on the pill for 10 years combined with my rapid weightloss and thyroid issues is the problem. I have never wanted anything more than I want this. any advice is