Am I going crazy?

I’m currently on cycle day 26 AF due in 6 days. I feel SO pregnant. I have had cramping and soreness in my uterus for two weeks now. Working out at the gym and had EXTREME pulse/ blood flow in uterus like I’ve never experienced before. Very abnormal for me. I can smell things I never knew I could smell, I have breast soreness and fullness, and a very heavy pulse while at rest. I feel hot and then extremely cold and I am RAVENOUSLY hungry. I smelled cabbage and wanted to gag but no nausea. I feel like my brain is making all of this up!! BD was nothing special!! He PC which was unexpected but he pulled out as per usual. We are not planning!! But it would be a lovely surprise. I have been taking tests like a crazy woman. I have not taken any pink dye tests yet and all the clear blue tests keep coming out with very faint and frustrating blue lines!! I have a feeling I’m imagining all of this. I need opinions ladies please help I’m going to go crazy waiting for AF!!!

Update AF is actually due for today says my hub. I have had cramping for a week now, which is abnormal. My bbt is 98- 99 very abnormal and my boobs are super huge! I felt very nauseous today and I can smell everyone’s breath and it’s driving me crazy. BUT all tests are either super faint “I’m going crazy lines” (even on pink dye cheapies) or I don’t see anything! What’s happening!!!