point of view of a student


We are in school to learn and brighten our futures not learn how to baracade doors and shield ourselves. But that's what it's come to today it's horrible and people well adults don't want to listen a lot of the time because we are children and don't know what were talking about I guess. But if we switched places with those adults who won't listen to us and won't take these shootings and threats seriously maybe one or two would realize. It shouldnt have to be to the point of guns being shot in a "safe environment" for people to realize oh this can happen to us to our kids to our community. They need to wake the hell up and start working on a change that will happen fast not months or years later it needs to happen now.There's so much more things that can be done for not only school safety but everyone's safety. There's more then just school shootings stricter gun laws needs to be in place and psychological screenings even. If people want a deadly weapon for hunting or not they should be patient and willing to go through the testing and screenings.