I found out I was six weeks pregnant after a blood test a week and a half ago. I’ve had two miscarriages prior to this, both at 5 weeks. So I was beyond excited and so was my husband. A few days after finding out we told our friends and coworkers, and on Thursday of last week we started planning the announcement to our parents. That next day, I miscarried while I was at work. I had to go see a doctor, I didn’t get a D&C;, they said I wouldn’t need one, I didn’t for the first two either. But I am so heartbroken and so depressed. I feel like less of a woman because I cant do what women are supposed to do. We just want our rainbow baby to come. I would love more than anything to hear anyone’s opinion on what we should do. We are in our early 20’s and were a military family. I would also love to hear how y’all who’ve suffered a miscarriage coped with it, I’m drowning over here.