Possibly Pregnant


I'm 5dpo and today I checked my cervix and when I got home there was pink in my creamy white discharge.

So as the rest of the night is going on, I pee and see if there is anything on toliot paper,no. So in my head I'm just like "bitch stop tripping, don't get your hopes up. Stop stressing the hope!" Still not wiping anything later so just thinking maybe its implantation and or maybe I irritated my cervix some way some how. But now I start getting light cramps, feels like they're coming from my "hole". So at this point I'm super confused. I don't ever spot and if I do its a day or 2 before. My cramps sure as hell don't come looking for me this early. But back to the point, I read that implantation don't happen till 6dpo. So I'm just lost and confused. Just brain storm with me ladies😂 keep me sain😂