deanna Child of God 膂omma to a precious baby boy, & a sweet baby girl Wife to an amazing man.歹塔

You know you have a horrible pee on the stick problem when.... you test way earlier then what you are suppose to spend at least 50$ a month on test, testing starting at 5 dpo knowing youre gonna get a negative. And....

Hubby finds your closet hidden with pregnancy test boxes that he made you promise No more testing till its period day cause he wasnt buying anymore. And he comes out with the boxes screaming

Because thats another 50$ he has to spend on more tests because youre crying to test again. 不

And then you find money laying around in the couch and decide to buy cheapies oh wait those are negative too

There goes more tests in the garbage.

So Im 8 dpo and husband just locked the 6 tests I ordered off of eBay in the safe and changed the code so now I cant get in to the safe and test anymore till the 30th

Needless to say baby #2 might be on the way! Fingers crossed lol.