Can i give up on my body?!


I made a post about faint positive pregnancy test and positive ovulation test for 3 days (til i ran out of ovulation test) saw my obgyn who gave me a urine and blood pregnancy test, both negative. I was supposed to expect af last week then when i put in my 3 surge days it changed and got pushed back and now im late to start af the <a href="">glow app</a> pushed back. Its been 32 days since my last period. I have ZERO af signs, no horrid acne, no craving sweets, zero cramps. I wanna call my obgyn again but Im afraid theyll just shrug me off again. Has anybody else had this happened and what was the outcome? What i do notice is my chest has been breaking into hives, my face is the clearest its ever been, ive been peeing alot more, ive been craving salad, sunflower seeds and cheese sticks which is very odd for me.