should I test or am I over thinking?


hello.... first post here so I'm a bit of a newbie. im 30 hubby and I have been ttc for a few years +... kind of gave up hope. ☹ I have somewhat irregular cycles but usually about 30 days (ish) and last a full week. I had a period jan 14th... lasted a week.. then feb 16th (33rd cycle day) I bled moderately for a little less than a day. I didn't even need a tampon just a pad. then.... Nothing. now I'm cycle day 35 on next cycle and nothing yet. breasts are a little sore, really tired, never bled for 1 day only before except with my daughter (who is 11 now) I bled for a day or less lightly shortly after I found out I was pg. I'm so nervous and I don't want to get my hopes up...I've kind of started to just believe it would never happen but with the weird 1 day bled and no af yet I'm not sure what to think... should I test?