PP hair loss UPDATE!


I don’t know about you guys but my hair is falling out in clumps! I have thin hair to begin with and now I have spots that are super close to being bald. I was about to try a hair system with Monat when my dermatologist nurse (my mom works in the office) was like heck no do not use it! She gave me a mix that she has been using since she gave birth and her hair is growing back really good! Mix together caster oil, vitamin e oil and aloe Vera and add this to your shampoo everyday but you need to make sure you get an all natural shampoo and conditioner (I just got Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Caster Oil Strengthen & Restore). She recommended a vitamin from amazon called Hairfluence (has AMAZING reviews) and taking additional folic acid. Starting the new regime today and will keep you updated if your interested!

UPDATE: seriously after a week my hair isn’t falling out near as badly and where my hair was breaking off is already growing thanks to the Hairfluence vitamins! If you are willing to try I definitely recommend!