Stupid kids!


I am SO MAD at the kids in my little sisters classes! She’s 13 and in 7th grade and hit puberty earlier and harder than all the other girls in her school, so she’s got a big chest(she’s 5ft 2in and a DDD), a bit of a booty/hips and her tummy isn’t as flat as when she was little but she is in NO WAY FAT! She’s within a healthy weight for her height and body type and she’s only a size 4! But all the other girls are like 96lbs and flatter and thinner than plywood, because they just haven’t hit the stage in development she has yet. And there are these two boys who are so awful to her!!! They keep telling her she’s fat and ugly and calling her a hippo.

She also has really bad ADHD and while she’s super smart she gets easily distracted, has some random burst of energy and can be a little much sometimes. She normally does a really good job of dealing with it and staying fairly calm but kids are always calling her a freak and telling her she’s annoying and crazy. 😢

All of her best friends are in high cap classes so she never sees them at school... she’s smart enough to be in those classes but with her learning disabilities it’s best for her to stay in the normal paced classes:/

I just found out that she’s been being bullied and tormented by these kids (specifically those two boys) all school year but she’s been to embarrassed to tell anyone until she broke down to me tonight because she hates herself and it makes me so sad! She is such a beautiful girl and she used to be sooo confident and these kids just crushed that right out of her all because of things she can’t control!

She told me not to tell my mom because she doesn’t want my mom talking to the school and making the kids angry... but I definitely told my mom. Because I’m not in a position to do anything to help but SOMETHING has to be done:/ luckily my mom is very good at addressing issues and making things better with out ever making it worse or having the bullies realize who told on them. (I know from experience I was bullied so bad for similar issues that my mom ended up pulling me out of public school for a year)