Freaking Dirtbag


I recently found out my boyfriend has been having conversations with his ex whom he shares a child with also about wanting to be single and how he is unhappy. So I politely let him know he can do just that because I’m not holding you hostage. Well of course he’s been begging and pleading and trying to get me to accept him back. I admit I considered giving him a chance but I still feel cheated on because he divulged personal aspects of our relationship and gave the impression he wanted to be single. But what really blew me he deleted all of his messages on his phone not once but twice! Saying he didn’t want to see the messages of an argument me and this girl had. Now before you guys start we argued only because this girl disrespected me by calling me out of my name. I’m just fed up and pissed because I didn’t deserve this and I definitely don’t deserve to be disrespected because she wants to be with him. We share a child too he’s only 3 months old and I am upset but I’m more so disappointed like why would you even do this to me dude!