Miscarriage at 12 weeks


I had my first miscarriage at 7 weeks back in 2014, then a perfect pregnancy and beautiful baby girl in 2016 I found out I was pregnant again in January, however for the past few days I've had a combination of discharge and blood but nothing heavy and so being as optimistic as possible today I went for my 12 week scan.

Having explained the bleed to the nurse she scanned me, calling in a senior nurse for confirmation. Devastatingly there was no heartbeat.

There is no other word for it my husband and I are absolutely shattered and on top of the pain and upset I feel it's brought back all the pain of my first miscarriage as well.

I've opted to pass the embryo naturally and therefore don't think I'll be able to breathe easy for a few weeks it's almost prolonging the heartache.

My heart goes out to anyone in the same boat and pray that this doesn't happen again.