I Bleed through EVERYTHING during SCHOOL

Okay so the day started out fine . I was on my second day of my period and I get brutal cramps, I've passed out at school becuase of them. so I was in history and we just took a test and I went to turn it in and as I stood up I saw there was BLOOD on my chair like a giant puddle ... so I ask my teaches whose a 28 year old guy if I can go to the bathroom. He looks at me and can tell somethings wrong

so anyways he said yes and wrote me a pass . And so OF COURSE HE NOTICES ME TAKING MY BAG and looks at me like "ohhhhhhhh"

so I just walked out ... it turns out I bled through my tampon, my pad , my underwear,and my jeans ... lol so I go to my locker get a sweatshirt and tie it around my waist and go to clean myself off . I grad some toilet paper and wet it stick it in my pocket and get back to class and wipe the seat down discreetly ...

so bye the end of class, only 15 min later, I was okay mostly besides my cramps that just feel like firey knives of hell . So the bell rings and I'm picking up all my shit and everyone's on there way to lunch so it's just me and Mr.Wilson . he comes up to me " are you okay ?" "yeah I'm okay . why?" oh you just looked a little pale and I noticed you were in pain " "yeah just a stomach ache ..." "I may be a guy, but I know a thing or two about periods. okay. feel better..." "okay..." so I'm obviously still In pain but I'm also about to die of laughter ! lol so that was my story