First trimester with a boss who doesn't understand

My boss makes me so frustrated, he is so clueless about what it's actually like to be pregnant- but he thinks he knows it all. It's my first trimester. I'm so exhausted I need several naps throughout the day, i feel nauseous all the time, I'm sensitive and emotional, I have lost all my strength- it puts me out to lift the slightest weights. He keeps nagging me (even on my days off) that I'm "wasting my life" and just being lazy. 'Pregnant women don't feel that way. It's just you' you shouldn't be sleeping so much. You need to fight the urge to nap and go workout! Hes "worked with pregnant ladies for 9 years and never met anyone with such symptoms"

Idk how to cope with him anymore, he just makes everything so much worse. I understand that he will never understand, and sure, some women don't get the symptoms as hard as others... but I am not that woman. I am someone who diligently works 60 hours a week, no breaks, I cannot do this anymore, and I definitely cannot do it like I used to. It's not good for me or baby anymore.