sjgns of labor minus the obvious water breaking/contractions?


I went to the DR Tuesday & was told I'm not dilated yet but he can feel baby's head & tell he's scrunched in my pelvis area & that I probably won't make it to my due date (I'm 35+2 due 4/25) before my appointment, I was already having a lot of pressure and being uncomfortable. but each day that passes, it gets worse or a new symptom arrives. I now have pelvic pain that goes down to my inner thighs-it hurts to walk, get out of bed, or sit down on the toilet at this point, lower back/upper butt pain, extra discharge (which was tested at my appt, no infection) so I'm thinking it's pieces of my mucus plug; it's either clear and wet or white and stringy, loss of appetite, feeling 'sick' basically & nobody around me is sick. & I'm so freaking exhausted, attempting to sleep more but it's hard with a toddler... so what do y'all think? I know everyone is different buuuut...πŸ™„πŸ™„