Dr Stephen Welden in Florida

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Hello all my Florida <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a> ladies!! I was hoping to help some of you out, and save you the pain, time and money itbwas cheated out of. I live in Lutz, Fl right outside if Tampa. I had a horrible experience with a local doctor. Did 2 IUIS with this man, one medicated with gonal. I was never put on progesterone with the gonal <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IUI</a>, which I later was told I should have been. Went on to <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a> at this same clinic. Nurse missed my vein EVERY SINGLE TIME I went for a blood test, usually having to stick me 2 or 3 times. During my retrieval she actually went right thru my vein and caused me to bleed all over the table. 26 eggs were retrieved. Dr said all looked good, asked if we wanted to freeze. Of course we did, so we paid the extra money for that. 2 eggs were fertilized and transferred. 4 days after my transfer I woke up and had blood. I naturally freaked out and called my Nurse immediately. She tried to him and haw and say they couldn't get me in, they were too packed. After I screamed and told her that was absolutely unacceptable, she agreed to fit me in. She drew blood, missed my vein 2 times again, and finally put me in the room to wait for the dr. He walks into my room, looks me dead in the eye, and says " what did you do to mess up all my work?" I bit my tongue, let him check me ( blood was from a scrape on my cervix) and went on my way. Went back 6 days later for my beta. Got the call the next day, my beta was at 16. They were concerned it was so low, did a second the n2xt day, I was having a chemical. Scheduled an appointment for a few days later to talk about FET. I was still very positive, with s 24 eggs left over, I knew things would work out. Go to my appt, bring up the fact that I hear FET are usually as good or better than fresh. He says " well, yes, thays when fertilized eggs ( embryos) or frozen. But we didn't freeze embryos, we only froze your eggs" Turned out that for "ethical reasons" he stopped freezing fertilized embryos 2 years ago, and they had not perfected the method of freezing, so he had not had one successful frozen transfer in the last 2 years. I was crushed. He took my money, destroyed my 24 beautiful eggs and left me broken. I want to use every platform I can to warn as many people as I can. I would hate for another person to get cheated like I did. Per admins request, I didn't name the doctor or nurse on this post, but any one who is interested can feel free to message me. Thank you ladies for reading, baby dust to all!!