Was I overreacting??

Lindsay RN

So I had to work last night. I work nights as a nurse.. my fiancé works day shift and worked late.. then had to go to doctors appt after work so I had to leave before he was home from work.. so he messaged me at 4:30 saying he was leaving work and heading to his doctors appt... I said ok and let me know how it went and what the doctor said.. so time goes by I get to work it’s 7pm now.. I haven’t heard anything from him yet.. I message him and nothing.. no text back... at this point I was starting to worry a little bit.. about 8 o’clock I try messaging again and nothing again... now it’s been almost 4 hours since I’ve heard anything from him.. and I’m 6 months pregnant.. now I’m starting to freak out. He’s not answering my calls and he’s not answering texts.. which is not like him at all.. I called my mother I was so freakin out thought I was going to have to leave work to go figure out what happened to him.. my mom gets me called down a bit.. she says don’t worry yet.. maybe his phone died.. but his phone was ringing.. so I thought wouldn’t it go straight to voicemail if it died.. anyway now another hour has passed and it about 9 pm.. finally he texts me back.. my heart finally settles a little bit and he says his phone died he left it in his truck on the charger and went and had dinner and some drinks with a friend from work after his appt.. which is all fine I don’t mind but idk maybe it was just my pregnancy hormones making me crazy. But I was like in tears at work.. worst case scenarios are running through my head and I’m now the crazy pregnancy lady at work...

Maybe I just worry too much.. but you never now what can happen.. I work with pts in an acute care setting and see people from car accidents all the time.. and I just can’t imagine raising this baby or living without this man... idk what I would do if something happened to him..