Kinda long distance

Okay, so I need advice.. (im not trying to be judged or looked down upon due to anything I write in this post I really need help) I’m 17, I’ll turn 18 in October. My home life sucks ass, my dads not in the picture, my moms mentally and verbally abusive. She never lets me go anywhere or do anything I’m always at home and it drives me insane. Anyway I’m in a relationship with someone I met through probation services, he lives 35 minuets away from me, but my mom can’t know because he’s also on probation and she would freak out because she doesn’t want me to be happy. But he is exactly 8 days older than me, so he turns 18 before me.. but I love him with all of my heart, and not being able to see him and talk to him when I want to sucks, like really bad. Like I’m pretty depressed.. (not just because I can’t see him) so if there’s anything y’all can help me with (advice) on the whole not being 18 thing and the “long” distance, I would really appreciate it. Thanks you ❤️