Story time

AK • 19

So my friend is in a “half relationship” with a guy. And yeah it’s as bad as it sounds.

He basically likes her and won’t let her go. She’s told him multiple times in the bluntest of ways that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship just a friendship. She’s even said that she likes someone else.

His responses:

“If you date me I’ll help you get over him.”

“Just pray about it I know you’ll come around.”

“I’ve talked to a youth leader and he said a friendship is a bad idea, either we break all ties completely or be together.”

“Just keep dating me I promise you’ll like me eventually.”

“If it has to do with school I’ll wait for you.”

AND he knows her schedule so well that he meets her after school every day and she can’t avoid him! When they part, he waits until she gives him a hug before he leaves!

SO he’s forcing a relationship onto her! And because she’s so nice and still wants to be friends with him, she doesn’t have the heart to tell him rudely enough that she doesn’t want a relationship.

Advice?? What should she do??