Is my husband a hoarder?

Sometimes we get so heated in arguments over him getting rid of his stuff.

A few examples: university textbooks from 20 years ago....completely out of date. He says when we get a book shelf he wants to place them there.

This toy electric car he keeps in the closet for no reason, it doesn’t even work.

A brief case his grandparents got him about 25 years ago, but he doesn’t work in corporate anymore nor plans on going back....and it takes up a lot of space in our looks similar to the brief case Fred flinstone had, not joking.

A bunch of out of date sample shampoos and conditioners he took from hotels when he used to travel a lot.

His old windows 2000 desktop computer that doesn’t work.

Bags of old light bulbs he wants to recycle.

Report cards from primary school.

The list goes on......

Look I get that things have sentimental value, but sometimes u just have to let things go.

I’m thinking of just throwing stuff out very slowly so he won’t notice. What should I do?