Pcos and Provera


Hello ladies, so everyone that has PCOS knows how annoying and hard breaking it could be at times. Since I got diagnosed about 2 months ago I decided to change my eating habits. According to what I’ve been reading loosing weight can help you get AF back on track. Ive lost 15 pounds since I made that decision (current weight 120) but AF is still the same 😭 I’ve had AF since January it stop this month for 10 days and know it’s back :/ My husband and I are trying for our first baby but with AF being here 24/7 it’s not going to happen 😔 My OBG is trying to give me PROVERA! I really didn’t want to take any type of medication but I think it’s time. My question is, has anyone else experience long periods, what did you do to stop them, what’s your experience with PROVERA ? Help pls!