PCOS drama!


I stopped taking BC in October last year. AF has never been a problem and I was as regular as clockwork ... I would put money on the day AF was due! In February I skipped a period and had cramps so at 14 days late, I rang my GP and they advised I wait another 4 weeks. The cramps got worse so I went back to my GP who tested my blood and sent me for an ultrasound. Rang a few days later for the results and was told all was ok but GP still wanted to see me. I couldn’t get an appointment for 2 weeks and when I eventually went they told me my ultrasound showed PCOS. Now I’m waiting until 15 DPO for another blood test to see if I actually ovulated this month (AF came at the start of the month)! I’m really struggling with this and beating myself up so much at the thought that I might not conceive naturally and wondering why me?!! Please someone tell me your in the same situation??!! 🙏🏻