For months I thought that my husband had a vasectomy

When we first met, I said right away that I wanted a baby. And he said that he wants one too, right away. So, we started trying. We just weren't able to get pregnant, so my doctor finally required a semen analysis. Anyways, my husband REALLY didn't want to produce a sample, which is understandable, but it was like he was sabotaging my efforts to get one. And he has two kids from previous relationships, that he is paying child support for, and I started getting really paranoid that he had a vasectomy and was afraid to tell me (he knew that I would never marry him if I knew that he wasn't able to have kids). I know that it's a terrible thing to think that my husband would lie like that. My sisters' husbands have both had vasectomies (they have kids already). Anyways, FINALLY, my husband produced a sperm sample, only to find out that he only has a count of 10 million. The doctor said he wanted to see at least 30 million for a decent chance of pregnancy. I am on the <a href="">ivf</a> waiting list now. The doctor said there's still a chance for us to get pregnant naturally. Any success stories with a sperm count so low? I am devastated about the low count, but also relieved that he hasn't had a vasectomy.

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