I’m 13 and one of my bffs, let’s call her alexia Cos I know nobody by that name. So alexia is tall, has long legs, is skinny, beautiful and funny and all the guys like her. And she’s rich. But she always complains and try’s to make herself look better and puts me down, to think of it she’s never actually complimented me really, the only times she has is when she says I’m smart or soemthing. And if I tell her I fell fat or sad or that I’m unnoticed she’ll go on a rant saying how she’s got it worse or that she’s starving herself which ik she’s not and that everybody hates her and that shes so ugly even when she said I’m not pretty and two boys said at the same time she’s pretty and I said My parents are fighting I feel like their gonna have a divorce she’s like well my parents almost did and is like don’t complain when I have it way worse so I’ve kinda just bottled it all up and I haven’t told anyone how sad I’ve been feeling but nobody really cares anyways and I only have two good friends which is her and another girl. Me and alexia have so many good times tho but I feel like she’d choose her bf over me as well because she leaves me to text him hang with him and worries about him etc

I just don’t know what to do and if I should still he friends with her Cos without her I’d be so alone